Jannik Laval

Genas, France Scientist, PhD in Computer Science

I'm a French young researcher in Software Engineering, interested in software architecture analysis and software evolution (see the Research Interest page for more details). My research is applied to Object-Oriented Software, like Java and Smalltalk.ResearchMy PhD thesis concerns the domain of software reengineering: How to support the evolutionand the maintenance of large enterprise applications ? The topic of the PhD thesis is: "Package Dependencies Analysis and Remediation in Object-Oriented Systems".I worked on approaches to help engineering detecting problems in a complex softwarearchitecture. They display unwanted dependencies and help engineers to fix them. We applied these methods on the Pharo Smalltalk environment.I also worked on a meta-model for reengineering help for decision. This approach allows engineers to evaluate the impact of architecture changes, before applying these changes on source code. This work is already used by other research projects (pdf).DivulgationI wrote my first paper for LinuxMag (a french computer science vulgarization magazine) in January 2010, about tools to improve software execution time made in Pharo environment. Now I have 3 papers in LinuxMag.I also wrote 2 chapters for a collaborative book  about reengineering (available soon). And we are writing a new book about Pharo Smalltalk environment, named "More about Pharo", which should be available soon.TeachingI held a “moniteur” position at the University of Lille 1 for 3 years, where I taught Network and Java programming.Current positionI'm currently holding a postdoctoral position in the  Sphere team (LaBRI, Bordeaux), directed by Pr. Xavier Blanc. Before this position, I was a PhD student in the RMod project-team (INRIA, Lille) where I worked under the supervision of Pr. Stéphane Ducasse. (See my Resume for more details).


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